Dresses · Tilly and the Buttons

Striped Coco Dress


This project began with the shed load of sewing goodies I was given for christmas (Thanks Mum!). And was a one I thoroughly enjoyed!

I whipped it up in a day and wore it the next! The pattern I used was Tilly and the Buttons Coco and I made the dress version with 3 quarter length sleeves. The pattern was so easy to follow, much easier than the simplicity pattern I used previously, perfect for a beginner in dressmaking like me!


I made a couple of errors along the way but nothing major. I should have read the pattern more carefully so ended up used zig-zag stitch for sleeves and side seams instead of a straight stitch. I’m not sure how this will affect the dress, I guess time will tell! I also struggled with the hem, missing a couple of areas. This was probably due to not folding the hem up enough and it not level all the way round, I might be an idea to use some hemming tape next time to keep it more stable. Also next time I might be persuaded to move the pockets further up and more level with my hips.


I was thoroughly impressed with the pattern matching of the stripes! I used Tilly’s tutorial on this and it was a massive help as I hadn’t worked with stripes before!


Overall a fab make! Will be trying to squeeze another one in in-between writing a dissertation and placement over the next few months!


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