Dresses · Tilly and the Buttons

Grey Delphine Skirt


This grey skirt I made back in January (as soon as the fabric arrived before going back to uni!) and wear A LOT! I made it from Tilly’s Book and as it was my first skirt I feel it turned out well!

I bought the fabric online and although the lining was as expected, I was quite disappointed with the grey fabric. It was a bit shiny and not great quality, but it was fine to work with and the skirt washes well.
This was my first skirt and the finishing touches like the hem aren’t the neatest. I’m also not entirely sure if I made up the waistband correctly as I didn’t mark the wrong side of the fabric. (Oops!)
The fit of the skirt is ok but not great I altered the pattern to combine sizes and the base of the zip sticks out so probably should have adjusted something back there. Also the waistband sticks out a bit hence the hesitation of making up the waistband correctly. I need to practice practice practice to make things neater!

I love pockets so added bright purple inseam pockets (Clémence pockets pattern). I think the pop of colour looks great and the grey goes with all sorts so a good all rounder!

I have a few more projects in the pipe line to fit in over the easter holidays! More spring and summer things ready for when I finish uni!


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